Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fame, Fortune and Faerys

So, I’m totally famous now.  Yeah, that’s right.  I have a tiny 20 word blurb on the back page of my local newspaper’s Go! Weekend section.  Boo yah!  Jealous??  It’s so hard being a celebrity…

As for fortune… well, I’m not rich yet, but I will be if I hit my goal of selling 5 books tomorrow night at my book signing!  Yes, with my cut at approximately $0.50 per book, I’d be looking at a total royalty check of $2.50 if I sell 5! Yessssss!  Early retirement here I come!

I’m very obviously in a sarcastic mood this evening, but don’t take this as negativity, because I’m actually really excited about my book tour starting tomorrow.  And even I can’t pretend to deny the pride I felt at my little tiny mention in the newspaper!  Sarcasm is just a preemptive defense mechanism, hahaha.

My mom wrote this in response to the newspaper post:  “Wow!  I’m impressed!!!!”  She rarely compliments me and I definitely took that as a compliment.   (Mom, don’t be mad; this is the price you pay to have a famous daughter).

This is going to be a very busy weekend, but I’ll try to post updates and if I have any pictures I’ll post them too from my book tour.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also, I’m going to have a spot on The Book Faery’s Blog this Sunday.  This is a big deal because the owner of the blog, Kristi, has been chosen by a major publisher to receive Advanced Reader Copies of books prior to being officially released. 

Yet, she has taken her very valuable time to read my little inconsequential book, Inevitable and has chosen to feature it in her “Indie Love” spot—the first ever!  Thank you Kristi!   When the post is ready, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

As always, thanks for reading!! 



  1. Hi Kate,
    Sarcastic much?? I love it! you do it so well :) I have a great chuckle reading your words!!!
    Great news with the book signing and the massive royalty check!! Be sure to bank half of it for retirement! chat soon, Marissa

  2. p.s.......loving the new bio pic.:)

  3. I hope the signing went well! :)

    Also your book is not inconsequential! It is fantastic and worth being read by everyone!

  4. I wish I had noticed the bit in The Patriot on Thursday. I would have tried to make your signing. Were you also at Borders on Friday? Hope things went well.