Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Important – Read especially if you already purchased my book!

Okay, so I received my two copies to proof last week and I rejected them because they were missing Section breaks that I believe are vital to the story.

The publisher agreed to add the section breaks.  Today, I heard from them that Inevitable would be released on March 10th, 2011. 

That’s great, but I know some of you already purchased a copy and so I asked the publisher if they were shipping copies without the section breaks and they said it’s possible and you have two options:

1.     Return the book to them and they’ll ship the correct version.

OR  (and this cracks me up!)

2.     “They may want to keep in mind that these few books will be limited editions and may be worth quite a bit of money some day.”

My suggestion… rather than spend extra money with return shipping, keep this in mind as it is  VERY IMPORTANT while reading or you might get confused…

Section 1 (Part 1) begins on page 1, Chapter 1.

Section 2  (Part 2) begins on page 76, Chapter 7

Section 3 (Part 3) begins on page 190, Chapter 15
Section 4  (Part 4) begins on page 203, Chapter 16
Section 5  (Part 5) begins on page 240, Chapter 19

Sorry for the mistake! 

Also, my formal apology to Colin Blair who I feel designed a fantastic cover… it’s off center and unfortunately that will not be fixed.

Trust me, I tried!

Thanks for all of your support—you’re all amazing!