Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guess what I have in my hands!!!!

Yes, you guessed it... my laptop!

Okay, but also, I have the first 2 copies of INEVITABLE on my coffee table!!  Yes!  I think it's going to be for sale this Friday, but I have to approve of these two copies and since I'm not going to gripe about lack of margin space or little things like that, then unless I catch something in the first 5 pages, I will give the thumbs up!

Also, I'm very excited because they gave credit to the cover artist, Colin Blair, and I was afraid they wouldn't because he had to sign a release.  Anyway, I'm excited and will be posting more soon!



  1. WOOO HOOOO! Can't wait to buy my copy! ~Noreen

  2. Love it! Congratulations, Noreen's sister Kate! ~Noreen's friend Kate :P

  3. Yay! Congratulations! It might take me a while to get one, but then you can definitely say that your book sold internationally!

  4. Congratulations Kate! I can't wait to get a copy!